Volunteer Spotlight – Bev Hines

December 12, 2013

Bev has not been with the Clinic long as a volunteer, but she has sure jumped in with both feet.  When the Clinic took on it’s first full-time Nurse Practitioner we were in desperate need of more nurses.  Bev didn’t hesitate to offer her services in our time of need, and committed to volunteer one full day every week here at Health Partners.  These kinds of heroic acts are repeated by our many volunteers week in and week out, and we couldn’t survive without it.  Melody Vallieu writes in hope that we can understand the heart of this month’s volunteer spotlight.

Beverly Hines has found her passion again.

The retired RN only began volunteering with Health Partners Free Clinic about two months ago, but already feels refreshed about her lifelong career.

Beverly, a Covington native, first learned about Health Partners when her sister, Cindy Ryman, began to work for Health Partners.

A graduate of Edison’s nursing program, Beverly later met Justin Coby, executive director of Health Partners, at a health fair she attended.

“I met Justin at a health fair and he was so passionate about Health Partners, and so excited to tell about it, my interest was to check it out,” said Beverly, who said she married a “Troy boy” 45 years ago.  The rest is history for the mother of three and grandmother of 19 — six of which are great-grandchildren.

She now volunteers her nursing skills — and whatever else is needed at the Clinic. Beverly said she helps with the assessment of patients and takes their vital signs and tests as indicated.  She also helps to question patients about their symptoms and compliance with their current medications.

Beverly said the teaching and team approach at the Clinic is like nothing she has ever experienced before.  “Everyone helps each other no matter what their job,” said Beverly.  “The office helps the nurses — and nurses help out in the office duties.”

And, she said the team approach and blending of all jobs is what makes the free clinic — which helps Miami County residents that are uninsured and under-insured with medical care — such a success.

“Everyone helps each other and there is always someone available to answer your questions or teach you how to do a wide list of things from changing the paper on an exam table to running an A1C test on a patient.”

In the future, Beverly said she would like to see a more structured orientation program for nurses with a specific trainer.  She said a trainer that would remain with the volunteer nurses for the first several times of their volunteering to show them the ropes would be even more helpful to the structure of the clinic.

Beverly said she enjoys her work with the nurse practitioners and other nurses and that they are very helpful with teaching.  She said the office staff also is helpful in welcoming new volunteers.

“Volunteering at Health Partners has given me a new and fresh passion about being a nurse,” she said.