Thank You and You’re Welcome

November 27, 2013

“You see, I try to say You’re Welcome as often as possible when meeting with a client, this practice let’s them know that I hold the power.” I’m not sure the young businessman whom made this statement fully understood what he had said out loud to a room full of his peers.  We all heard it though.  What I am sure of is the fact that my eyes tripled in size after these slick words escaped his mouth.  In his defense, not many truly understand what these phrases mean.  Thank You and You’re Welcome.

Time spent here at the Clinic has given me an entirely new perspective on these words.  I have a new found respect for them.  I have to disagree with the statement that our young businessman makes though.  I have never felt that the phrase You’re Welcome is empowering.  I don’t often say it, and when I do it almost chokes me coming out.  Tough to feel empowered while stumbling over your own words.  Thank You though is a different story.  This phrase gives more than just power.  Saying You’re Welcome may come with humility sometimes, however you must always be humble to say Thank YouThank you requires vulnerability, but if you take that risk then the reward will be greater than imaginable.

grate·ful – feeling or showing an appreciation of kindness; thankful.

Research shows that grateful people are happier and more likely to maintain good friendships.  A state of gratitude, according to research by the Institute of HeartMath, also improves the heart’s rhythmic functioning, which helps us to reduce stress, think more clearly under pressure and heal physically.  It’s actually physiologically impossible to be stressed and thankful at the same time. When you are grateful you flood your body and brain with emotions and endorphins that uplift and energize you rather than the stress hormones that drain you.  Luckily, gratitude is like a muscle.  The more we do with it the stronger it gets.

I have the privilege to say Thank You, many times throughout my day.  Thank You to our volunteers.  Thank You to the Health Partners’ staff.  Thank You to the donors, grantors, foundations, and funders of the Clinic.  Thank You to Miami County residents for finding our mission worth 15 years of support.  I’m just thankful to be able to thank, and I hope others can find that gratitude-inspiring piece of their lives as well.  Gratitude, if allowed, will grow in your life like some wonderful infection.

So find something to be thankful for and go thank someone for it.  Don’t treat these phrases like some sort of power play.  Go out there and truly make yourself vulnerable in the spirit of gratitude.  That is empowering!