Without volunteers Health Partners Free Clinic would not exist. In addition to the Board of Directors below, there are many individuals who give of their time and skills to support the daily activities of the Clinic. Administrative, planning, lawn care, building maintenance and patient assistance are just a few of the ways our volunteers serve the community.
We presently have over 40 regular volunteers who offer other types of services to our patients: administrative, maintenance, community outreach, and more.  At whatever level you would like to serve, we need you..contact us today. We promise to honor your commitment of time, energy and expertise.




The Board of Directors

The Health Partners Free Clinic Board of Directors is a volunteer board; they receive no compensation for the many hours of work they provide the Clinic.


Chair Kara Foster
Interim Vice Chair Susan Hemm
Treasurer Nate Counts
Secretary Diana Sweigart
Cathy Oda
Tim Reed
Ray Nichols, Pharm-D, RPH
Allison Fay
Tom Weissbrod

Current Volunteer Medical Professionals



Current Practice


Dr. Rebecca Hayworth, MD

Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Rehab Medicine H&H

Premier Physicians Network
Kathryn Streb, APRN-CNP, ACNP-BC


Cardiovascular Institute of North Dayton

Premier Physicians Network

Tamara K. Thorn, APRN-CNP


Kettering Health Behavioral Medical Center

Kettering Health Network





Volunteer Recognition: Hall of Fame

Dr. B. Mark Hess –                                Retired Medical Director Abigail Angel Holly Robbins Nancy Dallman
Dr. James Burkhardt –                    Retired Medical Director Ally Ross Jack Liddy Nancy Nims
Dr. Abdula Adib Amanda Fine Jackie Bond Pam Sturtz
Dr. Bruce Nordquist Amy Thuma Jackie Holfinger Pat Hissong
Dr. Cass Cullis Angela Swords Jane Baker Pat Schlater
Dr. Craig Critchley Anita Weaver Jane Zwolski Patti Nicodemus
Dr. Dan Bailey Ann Baird Jay Moeller Patty Hornberger
Dr. Fayez Abboud Anna Fay Jeanette Frederickson Paul Patten
Dr. Felino Tordilla Anna Walker Jennifer Walker Ramona English
Dr. Gretchen Lorenz Annette Canfield Jessica Minesinger Richard Shepherd
Dr. James Hoover Annitta Daniels Jim Taylor Rick Jackson
Dr. Jon Silk Anya Weaver Joann Monroe Robert Schlemmer
Dr. Leelmohan Ravikumar Bambi Owens Jorja Niemi Robin Spaulding
Dr. Mohammad Saklayen Barbara Bollenbacher Journie Conrad Robin Supinger
Dr. Pat Vaglienti Barbie Rose Judy Arnold Robyn Crow
Dr. Peter Nims Bev Hines Karen Hainline Rosemary Critchley
Dr. Richard Franz Bill Davis Kathleen Scarbrough Ruth Chavis
Dr. Robert Malarky Bill Washer Kathy Couch Samuel Robinson
Dr. Stephen Levitt Bonnie Garber Kathy Garman Sandy Stull
Dr. Steven Werling Brad Anderson Kathy Wiford Sara Wick
Dr. William Czajka Brandi Kohut Kay Barnhart Scott Hartwell
Chris Cooley, PT Brooke Beeler Kayla Voris Shala Shoup
Caleb Wagner Keith Achor Sharon Whetstone
Candee Anderson Kristen Merritt Shelly Knick
Candie Dielman Linda Bozick Sheri Wise
Carol Ressler Lois Koval Shirley Saxton
Cathie Kolk Lois Wright Shirley Saxton
Chelsea Riegle Lytha Miller-Myers Sondra Christian
Christine Ollerton Marcy Youtz Stephanie Koble
Cindy Ryman Margaret Vaughn Steve Webster
Clara Jones Marianna Emmert Ted Roller
Dawn Robinson Marsha Whiting Terry Jacomet
Deb Chestnut Mary Ann Witte Terry Jenkins
Debby Coons Mary Ellen Schweitzer Thelma Purtee
DeDe Divens Mary Sutton Thomas Baker
Donna Henry Masi Gilbert Timothy Reed
Earl Rieves Meg Conover Trisha Burk
Fran Holthaus Melissa Denius Virginia Hissong
Ginny Eyler Melody Vallieu Wanda Romie
Glenna Welbaum Michayla Steele
Gordon Wise Michelle Kaye
Grace Sprankle Mindy Black
Greg Green Molly Nungester
Guy Shrake Nancy Anderson