Student Perspective: Paul

February 28, 2019

Paul, our Pharmacy Extern for the month of February, came to the Clinic with a Servant’s Heart that had not been placed an environment to beat its hardest.  That changed over the past four weeks and he came to life with compassion for our people.  Please take a moment to read his Perspective:

The patient. Despite all the complicated medications and diseases, we pharmacy students spend so much of our time learning, it all ultimately boils down to simply providing the best care that we as future pharmacists and healthcare professionals can to our patients. Positively impacting others is the backbone of why many of us, myself included, pursued pharmacy to begin with. Health Partners Free Clinic has genuinely allowed me to trace my roots back as to why I even wanted to become a pharmacist to begin with: to help people.

As February comes to a close, Health Partners has really shown me that there is more to being a pharmacist than simply optimizing a patient’s medications. Understanding the story behind each patient and what obstacles they have had to overcome to be where they are today is just as important as well. Health Partners provides the ideal setting for the patients and practitioners to build relationships and I believe that is key in helping patients minimize barriers to their health.

Through my pharmacy experiences, the one commonality I have seen with all patients regardless of socioeconomic background is that they want to be treated with respect. Health Partners proved they do just this time and time again during my brief month working with them. As Justin puts it when he speaks of Health Partners’ relationship with its patients: “We live with them.” No other site I have been to really embraces their patients quite like Health Partners does. This down to earth mentality is the foundation of the patient centered care that every health care professional at Health Partners exemplifies.

Moving forward in my pharmacy career, I can undoubtedly say that an experience at a free clinic or other health care site of a similar nature should be a part of every student’s schedule. It provides an inside perspective on the lives of the patients we serve rarely seen in normal rotations. Regardless of where I found myself practicing pharmacy, I will take the experience at Health Partners with me.