Student Perspective: Megan

July 29, 2016

During the month of July, the Clinic welcomed our pharmacy extern, Megan who is a fellow Trojan!  To say this influenced the way she perceived our work here at Health Partners would be a vast understatement.  In fact, she was already actively involved in a planning committee for the recent Hope Over Heroin event that was held here in Miami County just a few weeks ago, prior to coming to the Clinic.  Megan is certainly concerned with the health, wellness and care of her neighbors here in Troy.  Take a moment to read her unique perspective:


Growing up in Troy, I always knew there was a need to help people out with basic necessities that they may not have access to.  I grew up volunteering at my church’s food pantry and helping out in the community, but I was usually in the back completing necessary tasks, not in the front interacting with the people.  Throughout my time at Health Partners Free Clinic, I was able to see the people being cared for and finally see who they were.  I saw people from all walks of life.  I saw that people struggling don’t just come from one town, or one neighborhood, or just suffer from a certain life situation.  I saw they were all just people.  People I related to.  People that are beloved children of God.  The people being served at Health Partners are people that have found themselves in a hard spot.  They work hard and still can’t make it.  The patients just need someone to meet them at this point in life, care for them, support them, and help them move on.  Most of the patients do not feel entitled to this health care; rather they are elated to have someone they can go to; someone to help them through a tough time.  Like the hymn Amazing Grace says, I “was blind, but now I see”.  I have been blind to who is being helped in my community, but I now see that it is my neighbors, people just like me, facing struggles they did not ask for nor could have predicted.

In addition to having my eyes opened to the population being served at Health Partners, I was also able to reflect on one of my favorite quotes throughout the month of July.  The quote is:

“Everyone has an invisible sign hanging around their neck that says, ‘make me feel important’.  The question is, do you read it or ignore it”. – Unknown

The volunteers and staff at Health Partners do more than just read this sign on everyone.  Every patient here is treated with respect and kindness.  As a student, I was trusted, respected, supported, and loved by the staff here.  The people at Health Partners believe in never ending support and unconditional love.  They provide second chances to everyone and work with people until they understand.

Matthew 22: 36-39 says, “ ‘Teacher, which is the greatest commandment in the Law?  Jesus replied, ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’  This is the first and greatest commandment.  And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself’.”

I have seen both of these commandments demonstrated endlessly at Health Partners.  I have especially seen the commandment “Love your neighbor as yourself” demonstrated countless times throughout the month of July.  I have seen staff take patients home who do not have reliable transportation.  I have seen nurses pray with patients.  I have seen hugs, laughter, and love.  Health Partners is a place that provides healing not only through medical attention, but also through friendship, emotional support, and prayer.  Health Partners is a home for people going through tough times and a place for healing.