Student Perspective: Megan

March 28, 2019

Megan is a pharmacy extern whose collegiate career at Ohio Northern University will end in May, when she will graduate. She will go on to a one-year residency program with a clinic owned by the same University where she will focus her skills on under-served populations. So, we felt very lucky here at Health Partners to be able to expose Megan to our under-served population and we know by her performance that she will do well! Read, in her Perspective, how the month of March went:

During my final year in pharmacy school, each month is a new experience, a new journey. And with every new journey, you meet a new team that you work with for those four weeks that always tend to fly by. The four weeks spent at Health Partners Free Clinic did not disappoint in this regard. The difference here, however, was the amount of heart the providers put into each patient appointment that is not always seen in every facility. The healthcare providers gave me a new perspective of the best ways to provide care to patients. It was truly eye-opening to me at the lengths that the healthcare team goes to make sure these patients (that under normal circumstances are struck with the financial burden of being unable to afford healthcare) are receiving the best care possible.

I have always had a great respect for individuals who go “above and beyond the call of duty”, so to speak. As a medical facility, that is what HPFC does. I was fortunate to be able to sit in on an appointment where one of the staff worked with a patient to give her options for insurance plans that she could sign up for. In another opportunity, I shadowed the social worker and observed how she worked with patients who were struggling finding transportation to their appointments or were in between housing arrangements at the time. And then there is the providers. Between the nursing students, a student nurse practitioner, the volunteer nurses, and the providers on staff, everyone I came to know throughout the month of March had a true passion for what they did and the patients they served.

During my time at HPFC, I have done a myriad of different activities within and outside of the clinic. Providers allowed me to assess my clinical knowledge through a variety of drug information and treatment inquiries. Additionally, I was able to counsel patients on new medications that were getting started, including allowing them to administer the new medication while in office under my guidance. Utilizing the patient’s chart, I completed medication reviews with patients to establish an accurate medication list with what the patient is actively taking at home. Other opportunities outside of the clinic around the City of Troy included blood pressure and blood glucose screenings at a local soup kitchen and an assisted living facility. All of these experiences have continued to make me a better pharmacist and healthcare provider. Compassion is a truly important quality that is needed in all patients, but especially for those in an underserved area such as rural Ohio. This is the biggest aspect that I will take out of my time spent at HPFC this month, which I feel to be one of the most important. Each month is a new experience, a new journey. And this journey is one that I will remember for years to come.