Student Perspective: Mariah

June 28, 2018

Mariah, our June pharmacy extern from Ohio Northern University, knows a thing or two about the need of the under-served.  Her sister was born with a rare medical condition and after her passing, Mariah joined her parents in becoming an activist for those with that same disease and their families.  So, when she chose Health Partners as her first of nine monthly rotations she was confident in her choice.  Mariah gave much to the Clinic, but was still able to take a little back with her as well.  She explains this in the June edition of Student Perspective

Health Partner’s Free Clinic is unlike any place I have ever been, it is amazing the love, compassion, and commitment every single employee and volunteer puts into the clinic. All throughout the school you hear of these places where holistic care is practiced, but before my time at HPFC I had never truly seen holistic care practiced to its full potential the way it is at Health Partners. HPFC goes above and beyond the simplistic idea of holistic care to not only improve a patient’s health but also improve their life overall. They see the patients that other healthcare providers refuse to see, and not only do they see these patients they become a part of their lives and prove to the patient that they truly care about them. The clinic is a place that patients are able to go and feel as if they are at home, feel that they have someone in their life that truly cares about them, and feel they no longer have to struggle alone. It is amazing to see the time the healthcare providers are willing to take to sit down and really listen to the patient’s, they want to do so much more than just scrape the surface of care.

The holistic care that HPFC provides is truly on the cutting edge of healthcare; they look at all aspects of their patients’ lives, not just their disease states and the numbers they see on paper, they want to make sure their patients not only understand what changes need to be made in their life in order to be healthy, but also that they have the food and resources available to them to do so. I hope that in my career I am able to see this version of holistic care spread throughout the healthcare system nationwide.

During my month at HPFC I have been able to improve my skills and knowledge greatly, but the greatest thing I learned from the clinic is to always have compassion for patients because until you get to know them, you have no idea what they are struggling with in their life. I am leaving the clinic after this month feeling inspired to go out into my career and care for my patients in a holistic way that is so rarely done in our healthcare system as it is today. As a healthcare provider, I know that if I want to make a difference in the lives of my patients I’m going to have to do more than just make sure they have their medications and are adhering to them. As a pharmacist I will be an easily accessible resource for patients, and after what I have learned this month, I know that I need to take advantage of that opportunity and positively affect as many lives as I can. There is really no great words to explain how amazing of a place Health Partners Free Clinic is, it is an experience that every student should have before going out to practice medicine.