Student Perspective: Kassie

November 29, 2018

During the month of November, we hosted Ohio Northern University pharmacy extern, Kassie.  As a part of her final year of schooling, she is tasked to spend nine one-month rotations at many different sites.  Though short, her time with us was very fruitful and she is kind enough to share her Perspective of a month spent at Health Partners Free Clinic:

Throughout middle school and high school I traveled up to Troy with either my basketball team or my soccer team a couple times a year. Being that young and naive, I never really noticed how socioeconomically diverse Troy really is.

I have spent time at other free clinics and charitable pharmacies but Health Partners set itself apart from all of them. They have an incredible facility and a care system that is set up to give the patient maximum benefit. Health Partners provides diagnosis, counseling, medication dispensing, and other resources all in one visit which improves patient ability to be adherent and can help improve patient outcomes. As Miami County’s only free health clinic, Health Partners does a great job at providing quality care to patients who are unable to get it otherwise.

As one of my projects this month I asked patients to complete a survey so we could get feedback on ways to continue to improve the clinic. One of the questions asked patients what they currently liked about Health Partners and a majority of responses had to do with how caring, kind, and helpful all the staff here is. The entire staff here is truly dedicated to providing high quality care to anyone in need. They are incredibly kind and would go out of their way to help anyone.

This month I was given the ability to work alongside some outstanding clinicians and I am so grateful for my month at Health Partners. They helped show me that sometimes what we learn in school isn’t always possible and that finding the best treatment for each patient depends heavily on their circumstances and barriers to healthcare.

I feel like I have really had the opportunity to grow as a pharmacy student and person here. My time at Health Partners Free Clinic provided me with a unique experience I wish all my peers could be exposed to.