The Walk-In Clinic

Patients can access care through 1 of our 2 weekly, walk-in clinics held on Monday mornings and Thursday evenings. Registration for the Walk-In Clinics begin 30 minutes prior to the Clinics.


For more information on establishing care and preparing for a Walk-In visit to our clinic, please call the Clinic at 937-332-0894, and dial ‘O’ to speak to a staff member.


Physician and other Health Care Professional visits at Health Partners Free Clinic are scheduled, by appointment.

Appointments are held apart from Walk-In Clinic hours, during some of Health Partners Free Clinic office hours, and must be scheduled in advance.

Patients may to speak to our office staff about establishing care by calling the Clinic at 937-332-0894, and dialing ‘0’.  We cannot guarantee a scheduled appointment with this phone call, but you can learn more information about our services.  You may also request information about establishing care and requesting an appointment online.

When making a Pediatric appointment, parents must call ahead to schedule.

Diagnostic Lab Testing

Some medical laboratory tests can performed by Health Partners Free Clinic. These tests may be a part of your care visit, or scheduled to ensure on-going health maintenance.

Pharmacy and Prescription Assistance

Our licensed pharmacy is onsite, and can be used to fill prescriptions written by our physicians as part of a care visit. We offer prescription assistance to our registered, qualified patients.

Medication Review

The Clinic is staffed to provide a review of your current medications for compatibility and to look for cost-saving alternatives.

Help with Medicaid, Medicare and Insurance

Special, personal help is available for managing your Medicare account through consultations. These consultations are led by OSHIIP certified counselors.

The Clinic currently has a part-time Certified Application Counselor working on-site to help members of the Miami County community signup for an Affordable Care Act health insurance plan. Open enrollment begins every year in November, however those who believe they may qualify for Medicaid are able to enroll year-round.

Additional Services

Health Partners Free Clinic offers additional services, as a part of our care for the residents of Miami County who are uninsured or underinsured. Please contact us to learn more.