Student Perspective: Bret

Have you ever had one of those moments in your life or career where you experience or see something that just cannot be “unseen”.  A moment that sticks with you and forever changes the trajectory of your life.  Well, that is the kind of moment we hope to inspire in the lives of the students… ( read more )

Student Perspective: Kelly

The first month of the year is always a hectic one. Typically, folks are coming down from the high of the holidays and reality becomes just that little bit sharper. This is also a time for us here at the Clinic to ramp up for another year of service to those in need and we… ( read more )

Student Perspective: Paige

The Clinic was blessed to have a pharmacy extern for the month of December with local roots!  Paige is originally from Vandalia and is finishing her final year of pharmacy school at Ohio Northern University.  Though she is from the area, Paige never knew about the free clinic serving the Miami County and was very… ( read more )

Student Perspective: Haley and Mikala

In a month when we are thoughtful about what makes us thankful, we at the Clinic can say, without a doubt, that the students we get to work with fit on this list!  During the month of November, pharmacy externs, Haley and Mikala were two of those students that make a great impact on the… ( read more )

Student Perspective: Kaitlin and Kweku

During the month of October, the Clinic hosted externs Kweku, from Cedarville University, and Kaitlin, from Ohio Northern University, as a part of their final year of schooling.  Often, the Clinic hopes for impact in these relationships.  We hope to impact the student in a way that will better their career, and, we pray, the… ( read more )

Student Perspective: Abby and Erin

The month of September brought the Clinic not one but two pharmacy externs!  Erin from Ohio Northern University and Abby from Cedarville University, spent the last 30 days testing their clinical skills out on our unique patient population.  They were tasked with seeing the humanity in healthcare and getting back to the roots of medicine. … ( read more )

Student Perspective: Sarah and Connor

Pharmacy Students come and go here at the Clinic.  We get them for just 30 days as a part of their final academic year and then they move on to their next experiential site.  In order to combat this lack of time, we try to fully immerse our students in the care and life of… ( read more )

Student Perspective: Emily and Adam

All interactions that we have with students here at the Clinic are rewarding.  Most every one of these students soak up the experience here like a sponge and are excited to get in the mix with the care of our patients.  However, we must say, the best experience is when a student fresh out of… ( read more )

2019 Healing Jar Gala Results

On Saturday, May 18th, Health Partners Free Clinic held our tenth annual Healing Jar Gala, our fundraiser to support our mission through free clinic programming costs. This year’s event was not a record setting one, but certainly an increase in net revenue from last year.  As a reminder, we celebrated our 20th anniversary at last… ( read more )

Student Perspective: Aaren

The socio-economic barriers that everyone must face will inevitably define access to many things, including healthcare.  Yet, these barriers can be the last thing we consider as providers when managing the disease states of our patients.  Our pharmacy extern for the month April, Aaren, was tasked to face those barriers head, and his skills will… ( read more )