Free Clinic Student Perspective: Shelby

Well our pharmacy extern for the month of December was an oopsy.  That’s right, Shelby was not originally scheduled to be with us here at Health Partners, but, lucky for us, her original experiential site had to limit their staffing and passed on her.  The Clinic was blessed to have her though, as she played… ( read more )

Free Clinic Student Perspective: Dominique and Jake

Our monthly student perspective written by pharmacy students from Cedarville University and Ohio Northern University are always a delight to read.  These students can stay relatively conservative throughout the rotation, but never leave a doubt in our minds about how they feel when they turn in their 500-word perspective.  Dom and Jake are no exception… ( read more )

Free Clinic Student Perspective: Megan

Social Determinants of Health, or the conditions in the places where people live, learn, work, and play that affect a wide range of health risks and outcomes, are taken seriously here at Health Partners Free Clinic. This consideration is so vital to the therapeutic plans we prescribe that we make it mandatory for our students… ( read more )

Free Clinic Student Perspective: Josh and Olivia

There is something to be said about seeing something with your own eyes that cannot be unseen. Some of the most impactful memories we all walk around with include a moment when you have seen something happen that will be forever etched in your mind. For our September pharmacy students, the memories they take away… ( read more )

Student Perspective: Leno and Whitney

The patient care process, especially in our current healthcare system, can seem cold and sterile.  As healthcare providers, we idolize clean cut solutions to very complex problems.  Problems like homelessness, food insecurity, and abuse do not fall in our cookie-cut solution system well. Here at Health Partners, we value a warmer interaction with our patients… ( read more )

Student Perspective: Brianne and Dylan

The month of June could be described as frantic at best.  Our Country and community continues to be tested from all directions and the Clinic has done our best to provide those in need a safe and caring space to turn to.  That certainly would have been impossible without the hands of our two pharmacy… ( read more )

Student Perspective: Matt

For us here at the Clinic, we always see having our new students as a treat. On rare occasion, these students are new to us AND new to the hands-on clinical work that becomes the totality of their experiential education.  Matt, our May pharmacy student from Cedarville University, was just such a treat.  Health Partners had… ( read more )

Student Perspective: Bret, Jared, and Shelby

The month of April 2020 has been like none other for many reasons. To state the obvious, this month brought the first pandemic that our community has seen in over 100 years. For a free clinic, Health Partners had to quickly make clear decisions on how to adjust procedures in order to keep our people… ( read more )

Student Perspective: Bret

Have you ever had one of those moments in your life or career where you experience or see something that just cannot be “unseen”.  A moment that sticks with you and forever changes the trajectory of your life.  Well, that is the kind of moment we hope to inspire in the lives of the students… ( read more )

Student Perspective: Kelly

The first month of the year is always a hectic one. Typically, folks are coming down from the high of the holidays and reality becomes just that little bit sharper. This is also a time for us here at the Clinic to ramp up for another year of service to those in need and we… ( read more )