House Bill 320 passes to support Ohio Free Clinics!

February 14, 2014

On February 12th the Ohio General Assembly enacted House Bill 320, that will benefit the free clinics in Ohio in several ways:

  1. The bill will allow free clinic information to be placed on the Ohio Department of Health website in order to spread awareness to those in need of our services, as well as, deem December as free clinic awareness month.
  2. The bill will allow medical professional volunteers to access tuition forgiveness programs that had before been limited.
  3. The bill will allow medical professional volunteers to treat Medicaid patients at no cost with medical malpractice protection under Ohio’s “Good Samaritan” law.
  4. The bill creates a new volunteer nurse’s license, as well as, strengthens the volunteer license of doctors and dentists.

This means so much to us here at Health Partners Free Clinic and all other free clinics here in the state of Ohio.  We work so hard to spread awareness of our services and recruit new medical professional volunteers, and this bill just made that work easier.  A BIG thank you goes out to Rep. Ron Young and our own Deb Miller from the Ohio Association of Free Clinics for their hard work on this bill.  History could not have been changed without them!

The bill in it’s entirety can be viewed here:
House Bill 320