Health Partners Free Clinic Mid-Year Program Report

August 1, 2014

With the first half of 2014 under our belt, we here at Health Partners Free Clinic have been able to take a moment and look back at what has come from the past 6 months.  With the addition of a full-time nurse practitioner, expanded clinic hours, and the transition into the Affordable Care Act, 2014 has been quite the dynamic year so far for us.  As we take a moment to reflect upon and analyze our service numbers, we know that none of this would have been possible without the support of our local donors, supporting foundations, and United Way partners.  Thanks for all you do!



Primary Medical Care – The direct medical care that we can provide our patients    through the assistance of volunteer physicians and full-time/part-time Nurse    Practitioners is the flag-ship of our organization.  This care is provided through both, scheduled appointment times, where we primarily treat our chronic care patients (long term illnesses such as high blood pressure and diabetes) and walk-in clinic times, where we offer acute care (short illnesses such as a sore throat).  This year to date, we have been able to provide 911 unique patients with these services.

Nursing Visits – Second only to our walk-in clinic in importance is our weekly scheduled nursing visits.  These visits give our patients some one-on-one with a nurse, in which time is allotted for any questions or concerns, follow-up on chronic therapy, and/or an opportunity to evaluate the effectiveness of current therapy. This is not only a great service to our patients, but also a way we can operate more efficiently with our limited provider access. This year to date, we have been able to provide 188 nursing visits to our patients.

Diagnostic/Lab Testing – Health Partners provides blood work, x-rays, and other    necessary testing such as carotid or venous studies to our patients at no cost.  These tests are crucial when it comes to continuation of care for our acute and chronic patients.  This year to date, we have been able to provide 1,932 diagnostic/lab tests to our patients.

Prescription Medications – Clearly, prescription medication is a critical component of our patients’ health care.  Without access to proper medication, patient therapy is at a stand still.  Luckily, Health Partners is able to provide all medications at no cost to qualifying patients.  This year to date, we have been able to provide 9,442 prescription medications, at a value of over $1.4 million.

Social Service Consults – Very often, the pressures of social need contribute to the harmful effects of poor health.  The Clinic can provide care for poor physical   health through the providers, and care for poor social health through the social workers.  A social worker is available every Thursday night to help direct our patients to the services they may need to get out of their current situation.  Where the health care provides an immediate “band-aid”, social services can provide a lifetime cure.  This year to date, we have been able to provide 129 social service consults.

Direct Hospital Referral – Another service we can now provide here at Health Partners is a more streamed-line referral system for uninsured and under-insured patients originally seen by the local hospital, Upper Valley Medical Center (as in- or out-patient), and in need of follow-up care within 7 days.  While expanding hours here at the Clinic we made it a point to leave two vacant spots per day for    these referred patients Monday through Wednesday.  Along with this, the discharge team at the hospital spoke with representatives of the Clinic in order to ensure a smooth process as we are able to offer more services.  Since the beginning of 2014, the Clinic has provided 82 primary care visits, 5 social service consults, 7 nursing clinic appointments, and 36 phlebotomy visits to these patients referred directly from UVMC.  In total, these services are valued at almost $30,000, and delivered to the patient at no cost.


To summarize the above outcomes, Health Partners has been able to provide the following benefits to the community:

  • Primary care to 911 unique patients
  • 188 nursing visits
  • 1,932 diagnostic tests
  • 9,442 prescription medications
  • 129 social service consults
  • $30,000 in services provided to UVMC referred patients


The outcome results presented above are valued at over $2 million, and at this pace we are set to surpass last year’s figure of over $3.3 million given away in services and medication.  This is an $8.36 value of medical services provided to our patients for every $1 we spend.