Free Clinic Student Perspective: Josh and Olivia

September 30, 2020

There is something to be said about seeing something with your own eyes that cannot be unseen. Some of the most impactful memories we all walk around with include a moment when you have seen something happen that will be forever etched in your mind. For our September pharmacy students, the memories they take away from a month spent at a free clinic will forever play a role in how they plan their future patient’s therapy. Take a moment to read their Perspective


Before attending my first day at the Health Partners Free Clinic in Troy, OH, I did not know what to expect. My previous experience with free clinics was very limited. Despite my limited experience, throughout the last month, I greatly enjoyed my time at the clinic and learned something new every day. I was able to collaborate with some amazing individuals who work every day to help those in need. Not only was I able to work with amazing people, I was able to contribute to the care that they provide as well.

When I decided to attend pharmacy school, my goal was to join a career field where I would be able to help people. Every day I was at Health Partners Free Clinic made allowance for me to fulfill my goal. From counseling patients on their medications to taking vitals, I was able to contribute to the care of patients in a meaningful way. Not only was I able to practice my skills, I was also able to sit down with many different patients and have meaningful conversations. I will cherish the moments I was able to have with the patients forever.

At the clinic, healthcare professionals from many different expertise work closely with one another to provide excellent collaborative care. These professionals include nurses, nurse practitioners, physical therapists, pharmacists, social workers, and more. My previous experience at a free clinic included collaboration with only a physician. While this was still a great help to the community, Health Partners Free Clinic is able to provide labs, medications, insurance counseling, social work, food, and many other beneficial contributions to the community. I am so grateful for the opportunity to participate in a healthcare setting where so many different healthcare professionals work so closely with one another and I am also so grateful to learn from each of these experts.

In addition to enjoying my time with the staff at Health Partners Free Clinic, I also enjoyed my time with the patients. Each patient came in needing help managing a disease state or illness. I not only was able to help treat their disease, but I was also able to talk with patients and learn more about them, their life, and their families. Each individual patient had a unique story from which I was able to learn.

As I move forward through my schooling and eventually on to being a healthcare professional, I will always remember the time I spent at Health Partners Free Clinic. I will fondly remember the good interactions and fun I was able to have with the clinic staff and the compassionate and meaningful interactions I was able to have with the patients. I know that my experience at the clinic will help me become a better healthcare professional and I cannot wait to use what I learned as I continue through my career.