Dining With Diabetes: Take Back your Health!

February 28, 2019

According to the most recent diabetes statistics report from the CDC, there are over 100 million people living in the United States that have diabetes or prediabetes.  Though the number has finally begun to level off, this essentially means that 1 in 3 Americans are suffering with diabetes in some form!

Miami County is not safe from the woes of diabetes and we have this debilitating disease to fight in our own community.  To add to this, we have a subset of our diabetic population whom are living with the disease without healthcare insurance (uninsured) or without adequate access to healthcare (under-served).  As it is extremely important to stabilize this disease with medication and nutrition education, when folks cannot afford to initiate or continue care they are at risks for major complications like limb amputation due to the disease.  Here is an image from a case presentation here at the Clinic that demonstrates that very brittle life that folks in this situation live:

This 38 year old patient who recently lost insurance coverage, hasn’t had her diabetes medication in months and now has an ulcer on her foot due to diabetes-related nerve damage that may lead to amputation if not cared for.  Cannot something  be done to not only provide medication but also education for these folks in our community!?

This past February the OSU Extension office of Miami County joined forces with Health Partners Free Clinic in order to provide a four-week series for a pilot cohort of diabetics in our community, entitled Dining with Diabetes.  At each session, attendees were treated to a food demo led by extension officer, Alisha Barton, as well as a diabetes friendly recipe book.  During the second half of the session, our own executive director and pharmacist, Justin Coby, spent time educating the group on diabetes and the lifestyle management that will help them combat diabetes.

On Wednesday, February 27th the inaugural Dining of Diabetes class graduated!  The Clinic is very proud to have played a role in this program and are already making plans for the next series in conjunction with the OSU Extension office.

Here is what one of our graduates, Margaret, had to say about her Dining with Diabetes experience:

“I’m just thankful for these classes that do not cost anything! If I had to seek this kind of education through my doctor, it would be so expensive and I wouldn’t get nearly this much time.”