In January 2019, Health Partners Free Clinic started a new series of weekly Facebook posts. Fashioned after Humans of New York, every Wednesday morning the Clinic profiles a patient, volunteer, community member, etc., associated with Health Partners. In line with our mission of holistic health, the hope is to not only invite our followers into… ( read more )

Student Perspective: Megan

Megan is a pharmacy extern whose collegiate career at Ohio Northern University will end in May, when she will graduate. She will go on to a one-year residency program with a clinic owned by the same University where she will focus her skills on under-served populations. So, we felt very lucky here at Health Partners… ( read more )

Dining With Diabetes: Take Back your Health!

According to the most recent diabetes statistics report from the CDC, there are over 100 million people living in the United States that have diabetes or prediabetes.  Though the number has finally begun to level off, this essentially means that 1 in 3 Americans are suffering with diabetes in some form! Miami County is not… ( read more )

Student Perspective: Paul

Paul, our Pharmacy Extern for the month of February, came to the Clinic with a Servant’s Heart that had not been placed an environment to beat its hardest.  That changed over the past four weeks and he came to life with compassion for our people.  Please take a moment to read his Perspective: The patient…. ( read more )

2018 Annual Report

This past year, the Clinic continued to hone in on the needs of our patient population and create some great impact! In 2018, the Clinic continued to experience an interesting phenomenon: the number of patients that we saw remained nearly equal to the year prior, however the value of those services we provided rose.  This past year,… ( read more )

Student Perspective: Abby and Katlyn

This past month, our pharmacy externs, Abby and Katlyn, were with us here at Health Partners during a rather monumental for Ohio pharmacists.  Earlier this month, the Governor signed Provider Status into law for all pharmacists.  What does that mean?  Essentially pharmacists will be able to bill insurance as a physician-extender much like a nurse practitioner or… ( read more )

Student Perspective: Maddy

Our December Pharmacy Extern, Maddy, had to travel from the campus of Ohio Northern University to come back home for a one-month rotation here at Health Partners.  That’s right, Maddy is a local!  This Troy native had the unique experience of not only impacting those lives in a time of need, she also was able… ( read more )

Student Perspective: Kassie

During the month of November, we hosted Ohio Northern University pharmacy extern, Kassie.  As a part of her final year of schooling, she is tasked to spend nine one-month rotations at many different sites.  Though short, her time with us was very fruitful and she is kind enough to share her Perspective of a month… ( read more )

Student Perspective: Kwazy and Taylor

This past October, the Clinic hosted externs Kwazy, from Cedarville University, and Taylor, from Ohio Northern University, as a part of their final year of schooling.  Often, the Clinic hopes for impact in these relationships.  We hope to impact the student in a way that will better their career, and, we pray, the students will… ( read more )

Student Perspective: Jessica and Matt

Students come and go here at the Clinic, but we always appreciate the short amount of time that we are able to spend with these fresh minds.  During the month of September, Jessica from Ohio Northern University, and Matt from Cedarville University spent the month learning about the barriers that our patients face and how… ( read more )