Free Clinic Student Perspective: Alexis & Ben

This past month the Clinic was blessed with two pharmacy students that were riddled with trepidation upon entering our doors.  Neither Alexis, from Ohio Northern University, or Ben, from Cedarville University, knew what a month at a free clinic would entail.  Nevertheless, they jumped in and welcomed the education!  They also were kind enough to… ( read more )

Health Partners Free Clinic seeks new Executive Director

Effective August 31, 2021, Justin Coby, Pharm.D. will step down from his role as Executive Director. The Board of Directors and clinic staff are grateful for his nearly nine years of service and leadership with the organization, and wish him well in his future endeavors. The board is, actively, searching for qualified candidates eager to… ( read more )

Free Clinic Student Perspective: Makenna

Our pharmacy extern for the month of June, Makenna, came to the clinic as part of her first of nine one-month rotations to complete her pharmacy degree from Ohio Northern University.  She had never worked closely with a free clinic nor had the experience of spending a full month with one.  Regardless of this, Makenna… ( read more )

Free Clinic Student Perspective: Lauren

Lauren, our May pharmacy extern from Cedarville University, started her nine one-month rotation schedule as a part of her final year of school, with us here at Health Partners Free Clinic.  Though we ask that students be open to the needs of our patients, many have no clue what that truly mean.  Clearly, Lauren got… ( read more )

Free Clinic Student Perspective: Devin

Devin, our Ohio Northern University pharmacy extern for the month of April, was tasked to take a look at our ambulatory care model and compare it to the experience a patient would have with a family practice.  Of course, Health Partners Free Clinic differs in the fact that we do not charge or bill for… ( read more )

Free Clinic Student Perspective: Monica

Health Partners Free Clinic is a great place for students to pick up skill sets that they otherwise would not in their typical experiential rotations. However, Monica, our pharmacy extern for the month of March, has chosen a different path than the typical student.  She strategically chose to come here to prepare herself for a… ( read more )

Free Clinic Student Perspective: Deanna and Rukaiyah

The year 2021 started off with a lot of help from our two pharmacy externs, Deanna and Rukaiyah.  There are plenty of skills that our pharmacy students bring with them to the Clinic, but, usually, the most important thing to bring is an open heart and mind.  These two came to Health Partners with that… ( read more )

Free Clinic Annual Report 2020

So 2020 was …… yeah.  But we here at Health Partners Free Clinic were not defeated!  In fact, in 2020 we provided more value to the community than in many years past. Seriously!  Like, $200,000 worth of medical services more. We could not do it without the support of that same community and wish to… ( read more )

Free Clinic Student Perspective: Shelby

Well our pharmacy extern for the month of December was an oopsy.  That’s right, Shelby was not originally scheduled to be with us here at Health Partners, but, lucky for us, her original experiential site had to limit their staffing and passed on her.  The Clinic was blessed to have her though, as she played… ( read more )

Free Clinic Student Perspective: Dominique and Jake

Our monthly student perspective written by pharmacy students from Cedarville University and Ohio Northern University are always a delight to read.  These students can stay relatively conservative throughout the rotation, but never leave a doubt in our minds about how they feel when they turn in their 500-word perspective.  Dom and Jake are no exception… ( read more )