Dr. Critchley, on Meeting the Real Need

“This is what makes us unique, that we offer a multitude of services to address people’s needs.” Actually, the majority of the patients here don’t need the doctor as much as they need the social worker or the counselor or the pharmacist. This is what makes us unique, that we offer a multitude of services… ( read more )

Becky, on Filling in the Gap

“We provide essential medical care that helps fill the gap.” A lot of times patients like ours are forgotten because they don’t have health insurance. They don’t have many options. Without places like this clinic their conditions worsen and worsen until they ended up seriously ill in the ER. We provide essential medical care that… ( read more )

Nancy, on Compassionate Care

“He gives me as much time as I need and always tells me the truth about my health condition.” Dr. Hess sees me. He is a good doctor, very compassionate with all of his patients and he knows what he’s talking about. He doesn’t rush in and out of the room. He sits there and… ( read more )

Becky, on Student Volunteering

“I have been volunteering at Health Partners Free Clinic for almost two years.” I’m a senior at Wright State University majoring in psychology and pre med.  I have been volunteering at Health Partners Free Clinic for almost two years. Most med schools require students to volunteer, so a lot of students end up at a… ( read more )

Clara, on Going the Extra Mile

“I am thankful that I have a place to go for medical coverage.” All the staff are very helpful even though I do not speak the language. I came here because I was having blood pressure problems. They went the extra mile and had me bring in my blood pressure monitor to make sure it… ( read more )

Justin, a Personal Touch

“…I drove with one of the nurses to their house…” A special needs couple came in and I filled their prescriptions.  We happened to have a drug from a different manufacturer so the tablet looked different than they were used to. They called back concerned that the tablet didn’t look right so I drove with… ( read more )

Dr. Critchley, on Helping People

I went into medicine to help people.  The opportunity to care for people who don’t have medical coverage is what we’re called to do from the Scriptures on down. Dr. Critchley

Carol, on Volunteering

“It really made a difference in their lives.” A couple came in who moved here from out of state and were unable to get insurance because it was too expensive. They were both working, but just couldn’t afford all of their medications. I was able to enroll them in the prescription assistance program and they… ( read more )

Nancy, on Family Health Needs

“If it wasn’t for this clinic, I wouldn’t be able to get the health care I need.” I have a daughter with cerebral palsy who is 26 years old and just got a feeding tube.  I also have a 6-year-old son who is autistic and lives in a group home.  Both of my kids have… ( read more )