Carols from the Clinic

December 21, 2017

“God will not have his work made manifest by cowards”

― Ralph Waldo Emerson

At the beginning of the month, we reached out to the community to ask for your support through the donation of gift cards that the Clinic could us to help patients with needs beyond our scope during the holiday season.  In return for this generosity, we promised to share the precious stories that always come out of this kindness.  Well YOU delivered, and, therefore, we need to hold up our end of the deal.  Please take a moment to enjoy our Christmas Carols from the Clinic:

“Anne’s” Story

Anne is a special friend of the clinic.  She came to us about a year ago with her nephew who had an injury to his foot. With her was her daughter, Nan, who has Down Syndrome.    Nan has a fear of doctors and the family was new to the area, staying here with relatives.   After a good appointment for the nephew, it was noticed that Nan seemed comfortable here.  Nan is especially loving and loves to give everyone hugs and kisses while she is at the clinic.   Anne is a woman who appreciates everyone and the kindness she feels at the clinic.  It was such a joy to help them out with a gift card for Kroger and a bag filled with fun soaps and shampoos in special scents for Nan.   Anne teared up in appreciation for the gift and said she can’t believe what a blessing this clinic has been to her and Nan.   

The “Cruz” Family

In November, a family arrived to our walk-in Clinic in need of a kindergarten physical for their little girl.  As it turns out, the family had arrived to Troy the night before from Puerto Rico, where they weathered Hurricane Maria in late September and have been without running water or electricity since.   They had recently been told it could be many more months more before utilities are restored, so the family decided the mother and children needed to come to the States to live with family for a while.    It should be noted, the mother speaks little English and left her husband in Puerto Rico alone while she came here to ensure the children’s education and well-being.    We were able to complete the health assessment, and provided referral information for other programs in the area.   Additionally, through coordination, we were able to get the children signed up for the Partners in Hope Christmas Shop.  Two gift cards were also provided, one for Walmart to help with some basic needs and a gas gift card was provided to the relative providing the housing and transportation for the family.   What a blessing to be able to provide a slight hand up to this amazing family!

“Joe’s” Story

Joe is a long time patient at the clinic.  He’s a nice man, who doesn’t always do the best for himself but he has 3 young kids he loves.  Knowing Joe is on a fixed income and hearing that he would have all three kids for the duration of their Christmas break, the clinic staff decided we needed to do a little something to help out.    Aimee, our social worker, was able to put together bags for each child to include a blanket, hats, shirts, socks, toiletries and a few other nice little things.  It was arranged for Joes’ family to get gifts through Partners in Hope’s Christmas shop which includes 3 gifts each, books, pencils, stocking stuffers and a few family items.   All the staff pitched in some funds and took off for Aldi’s.  A trunk full of food later, a special delivery was made to Joe.   To say he was shocked is putting it mildly!   Joe thanked us several times and seemed unable to find the words to express his appreciation.  But it was clear looking at him that this meant so much.   We are so grateful to have the opportunity to help this family have a good Christmas break with one another!  

“Haley’s” Story

Haley is currently serving in the Clinic as a medical student.   She is a young, single mom to two boys, ages 8 and 2.   Haley has gone through some tough times in her life and is working hard to provide stability for her boys.   She works 2 part-time jobs while going to school to become a nurse.   This constant juggling and running from one thing to the next is difficult, but she hopes to be able to get a job in the nursing field, one day soon, that will support her and her children comfortably.    Well, the Clinic was approached this season by a donor asking if we had a family who could use a bit of help.   It was easy to think of Haley and her 2 boys.    However, we weren’t expecting the incredible generosity of this family.   The overflowing pile of gifts, thoughtfully picked out for each child and for Haley was overwhelming and as the staff wrapped these gifts, we were all feeling the love of the season.  Additionally, Health Partners was able to add a gift card to allow Haley and her boys to go out to dinner one night during this Christmas Season and a few other sundry items.   Haley was beyond shocked and awed by this gift.  Tears flowed, hugs were given, joy filled many faces.   

A note from Aimee:

To be a part of Health Partners Free Clinic as a social worker is special every day of the year.  The loving kindness that is shown to every patient is a constant, and the opportunities to do just a bit more come often and are encouraged.   But Christmas is special and we asked for your help.  We can’t begin to thank you all enough for giving us the opportunity to bless so many people!   Each gift card that was given out, each bag with toiletries, each little gift was appreciated beyond measure.  People so often state they can’t believe this is a FREE clinic, when so much is given so freely. We are blessed and it’s our honor to bless others.    Because of you, and your generosity, many of our patients felt the love that is Christmas.  I thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to be the one to share that love.   You’ve each blessed me this Christmas too.  Thank you.