CareSource Continues Support!

August 31, 2016

Written by Jim Painter


The CareSource Foundation of Dayton recently granted $7,500 towards the annual budget of the Health Partners Free Clinic (HPFC), located in Troy. The funds will be used to support operational costs of the clinic programming.

According to Justin Coby, HPFC Executive Director, the moves will allow more help for patients being able to receive care in a timely fashion, and assist those needing a hand with finding health insurance through the national marketplace plan.

“CareSource continues to bless the clinic in so many ways. I’m so thankful for all they do for us and their understanding of the needs of people of Miami County,” Coby said.

Also, in 2014, CareSource awarded HPFC a $10,000 grant.

In 2015, the Clinic provided 906 unduplicated patients with 3,359 medical visits; 2,223 diagnostic/lab tests; 502 individual health insurance consults; and, 8,654 prescription medications, according to Coby. These services are valued at over $1.8 million and were provided to the patient at no cost.

Last year, the Clinic was able to provide $4.32 in medical services for every $1 spent.

“These monies will help those estimated 13,000 uninsured/under-insured, and, under-served residents of Miami County, not only receive quality health care, but also guide them as they apply for new health care coverage through the Affordable Care Act Marketplace,” he said.

“So far in 2016, we have provided CareSource covered patients with more than  $8,000 worth of primary care visits; though the Clinic does not bill any insurance, nor charge our patients. We view this population as our growing under-served neighbors.”

Currently, 5 to10 percent of the Clinic’s clientele is made up of newly-enrolled Medicaid patients that are unable to find providers due to a doctor-shortage in the area. The Clinic continues to provide care for patients in this situation until they can find a new doctor, which can take 6 to 12 months.