About Us

Our Story

Established in the late 1990’s, Health Partners Free Clinic operates in Miami County with the mission to provide health care for the county’s residents, regardless of age, gender, religion or ethnicity.

The Paul G. Duke Health Center was built with generous lead donations from The Duke Foundation, Troy Land Development, and others through a capital campaign. The community responded with generosity, and in 2007, the Clinic moved into the great facility. With that move, in that same year, our patient volume tripled. Not only did our reach increase, but the depth of our services increased as well, with the addition of services such as nursing visits, medication reviews, prescription assistance, and diagnostic testing. Best of all, we increased community participation with the opportunity to expand our volunteer base with the increase of work space.

Health Partners Free Clinic exists to serve the residents of Miami County with quality healthcare for the uninsured or underserved, and the opportunity for serving our neighbors through time, work and support.