A Student Perspective: Lisa Jacob

November 26, 2014

As November winds down and we focus ourselves on Thanksgiving, the Clinic is thankful to have had our most recent ONU pharmacy student for the month, Lisa.  She had been chomping at the bit to get to Health Partners, just so she could work with our staff and patients.  Lisa used that energy well, as she implemented our new pharmacy program focused on medication adherence.  She has strived to understand the barriers that our people face every day, and pursued resolutions to these issues.  Lisa shares her experience in our most recent Student Perspective:


I have had the privilege to spend my November pharmacy rotation at Health Partners Free Clinic.  It has been truly humbling to work with a team that exemplifies compassion and to work with patients who are extremely grateful and eager to learn.  The mission of Health Partners is “providing health and hope in Miami County.”  What a powerful statement and witness to this community!  I have noticed that Health Partners not only provides top quality health care, they create a welcoming space for patients to feel comfortable and safe amidst what may be a chaotic and uncertain world.

I was able to step into the chaos for a brief moment during a poverty simulation that Justin and I attended at Edison College.   Along with a friend, we experienced a month in the life of a family trying to navigate the complex system of poverty.  This was simulated in four 15-minute weeks with specific tasks to accomplish.  I found myself flustered and distracted as we tried to secure assistance through community service programs while juggling late rent payments and transportation.  This was compounded through time constraints and hoops we had to jump through to get help.  While what we experienced only scratched the surface of what those in poverty live every day, it provided me a valuable glimpse into the lives of our patients at Health Partners.

I have learned a lot during my month at Health Partners.  Most importantly, I learned that every person has a story to tell.  And this story goes far beyond what I may initially see as missed appointments and a lack of adherence to their medication.  The story goes deeper into the heart, and tells of a desire to get healthy again and take their medications as prescribed, but a struggle to pay rent, secure healthy food options and reliable transportation.  This is where Health Partners comes in.  Providing medical care and counseling, while bringing a sense of calm to the storm.

I cannot thank the patients, staff and volunteers of Health Partners enough for showing me what it truly means to be compassionate and treat each patient in a holistic manner.  This is something I will carry with me not only in my pharmacy practice, but also in my everyday life.  Thank you.