2017 Annual Report

January 29, 2018

In our 19th year of service to the community, Health Partners Free Clinic has evolved in many ways.  This year, our evolution focused on higher levels of care!

In 2017, the Clinic experienced an interesting phenomenon.  Though the number of patients that we saw remained nearly equal to the year prior, the value of those services we provided rose.  This past year, the Clinic was blessed to have more healthcare providers that volunteered their time, allowing Health Partners to be more efficient at the level of care we were able to supply.

We were also able to add positions to our staff that, like a full-time social worker and pharmacy resident, added compliment to the care we provided.  As compared to 2016 at 911 unique patients, the Clinic provided care to 900 unique patients and nearly half of these individuals were new to Health Partners.  Also the value of that care in 2016 was nearly $1.8 million, where in 2017 we were able to provide a value of over $1.9 million in care.

Photo by Jim Witmer

Our patients continued to define a changing demographic for the Clinic.  Less devastatingly poor, and more lower middle class.  More patients with Medicaid who cannot find providers, and less completely uninsured.  Where we once only provided care for those “living under the bridge”, we are now serving the new entrepreneur just trying to survive the first 5 tumultuous years in business, or the middle-aged student going back to school in preparation for their second career.

This next year the Clinic will focus on serving more of the uninsured or under-served residents of Miami County.  Health Partners continues to have a stable supply of resources, and 2018 will be about utilizing them well.  Though we do not know what this next year will bring, with the support of this community we stand ready to serve!

Here are some highlights from the past year:

  • 900 unduplicated patients served
  • 3,276 medical visits provided
  • 2,083 labs/diagnostics provided
  • 676 health insurance consults
  • 7,490 prescriptions dispensed at a value of nearly $1 million
  • $1.9 million provided in all medical services
  • A value of $5.60 in medical services provided for every $1 spent.

Of course none of this would have been possible without the support of our many local foundations, grantors, United Way partner agencies, and donors in the community like you!

Check out the HPFC 2017 Annual Report for further details of our performance in 2017, as well as a full list of all our donors from last year.