Student Perspective: Emily

The Clinic is rarely blessed to have a pharmacy extern that is also a resident of Miami County.  These students come to us from Ohio Northern University and Cedarville University as part of their one month rotations, and, so, are typically from out of the area. October, however, held for us that blessed treat as… ( read more )

Student Perspective: Jana and Josh

e·piph·a·ny:  an intuitive grasp of reality through something (such as an event) usually simple and striking. When we house students here at the Clinic we pray that in the service to those in need they will have an epiphany.  This intuitive grasp could be in their professional development or personal character development. This past month, we… ( read more )

The 2017 HPFC Patient Survey Results

Every year the Board of Directors and Staff at Health Partners Free Clinic like to take a moment to stop and ask ourselves, “Are we really delivering the care and kindness that we think we are?” In this vein, two years ago we decided to begin surveying ten percent of our population every year to… ( read more )

Student Perspective: Sara and Sunitha

Over the past thirty days, the Clinic was blessed to have not one but two pharmacy externs.  Sara, from Cedarville University, and Sunitha, from Ohio Northern University, who spent the month of August caring for those in need here at Health Partners.  They also willingly took on any task requested of them all in the… ( read more )

Staff Member Spotlight: Debbie

One of the reasons working at Health Partners Free Clinic is so amazing is that we are a family.  The small staff is very close knit, loving, caring and respectful. Everyone knows what each other is going through; knows their families and backstories, is happy for each other’s achievements and empathetic to each other’s hard… ( read more )

Volunteer Spotlight: Brooke

As a non-profit, Health Partners Free Clinic runs and operates with the hard work of volunteers.  One of the many exciting things about summer around here is that we are blessed with young medical students who want to make a difference during their short amount of time off.  Brooke Beeler has been volunteering at HPFC… ( read more )

Staff Member Spotlight: Aimee

Our very first captive for our new Staff Member Spotlight series, is appropriately, Health Partners’ newest staff member, Aimee Shannon, LSW.  Aimee had been working part time at Health Partners during our open clinic hours, but just recently became a full-fledged, card carrying, HPFCer earlier this month.    We are beyond blessed to have her… ( read more )

Resident Perspective: Derrick

For the first time in our nearly 20 year existence, Health Partners Free Clinic has a pharmacy resident!  How cool!  So…what’s a pharmacy resident? Unlike the typical pharmacy extern that we have here at the Clinic, our pharmacy resident, Derrick, has graduated with his degree and will soon be a fully licensed pharmacist.  He has… ( read more )

Student Perspective: Michelle

Year in and year out for the past four years, the Clinic has had a pharmacy student present to learn and assist with patient care.  After a while, we can take for granted the unique experience that these students have when buckling in with us for a month at a time.  For our June pharmacy… ( read more )

2017 Healing Jar Gala Results

On May 17, 140 charitable-minded Miami County citizens filled the Cedar Springs Pavilion for the Eighth Annual Healing Jar Gala dinner and art auction. The result was over $21,000 net in overall donations that go directly to clinic programming. For the third year, clinic officials joined with the Piqua Arts Council (PAC) to expand the… ( read more )